Question: “What inspires your abstract work?”

“While painting abstractly, inspiration emerges from within based on an integration of my visual, emotional and spiritual reality. I find that my visual sources derive primarily from a close observation of nature. The work of other artists, past and present, encountered in museums, at shows, online and in print, is also inspirational. Emotional sources derive from experience and my perception of events in my life. Spiritual awareness, gained through meditation, yoga, interaction and solitude, extends my sources of inspiration beyond tangible perceptions through an expansion of time and space. 

"Within this very broad spectrum of possibility, my abstract work integrates at least four considerations: color, shape, materials and technique. My color palette tends toward blues, greens, and other cool tones with splashes of warm, vibrant color. The configuration of shapes on the canvas along with line and space must create a satisfying composition. I love to use materials to add texture, complexity and interest. I start, usually, with oil on canvas, often including cold wax, and I might integrate fabric, paper, glass, buttons, beads, ribbon, and other found objects. I often paint thinly in areas, adding thickness with paint or other materials for contrast and emphasis. All of these factors have to work together synchronistically to create the magic.”

Anika Ellison Savage is an artist based in Newburyport.  Her  work is an exploration of abstracted natural environments, space and movement. She is an inducted member of the National Association of Women Artists and and participates their Massachusetts and Florida Chapters.  Her work is exhibited in galleries and shows in New England and Florida.  She holds a degree from Pratt Institute.  See more of her work at