My work is an abstracted expression of space, color, form and movement. Inspired by design, both natural and man-made, my perceptions find visual expression in my work. Reflection, interaction, movement and solitude generate a spiritual awareness and extend my sources of inspiration beyond life experiences into other times and places.

The color palette I use tends toward blues, greens, and other cool tones with splashes of warm, vibrant color. I often paint thinly in areas, increasing thickness for contrast and emphasis. I might integrate fabric, paper, glass, buttons, beads and other materials to increase texture, complexity and interest. My porcelain ceramics are delicate objects that are both sculptural and practical. I am currently focusing on acrylic painting and porcelain.

I am an architecture graduate from both Pratt Institute and UC Berkeley.   The practice architecture lead me to become an organizational futurist/strategist before turning full time to fine art.  From New York by way of California, I now live in New England and spend winters in the subtropics. This environmental transition never fails to reinvigorate my senses and influence my work.


  • National Association of Women Artists, New York City NY

    •  NAWA Massachusetts and Florida Chapters

  • Newburyport Art Association, MA

    • Abstract Artists Group of New England

  • Rockport Art Association and Museum, Rockport MA

    • Experimental Group

  • Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL

  • Star Island Art Group, Star Island, NH/ME

  • Naples Arts District, Naples MA

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  • VIDA - A collection of clothing and accessories with my artwork

  • SAATCHI - My latest art for sale



  • art lovers

  • corporate art curators

  • architects and interior designers



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